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I wish to use the Akka actor modules. I am using Eclipse in Kubuntu. I downloaded the .zip archive from the akka website, went to:

Project->Properties->Java Build Path->Libraries->Add External Jar

and added all jars that came with the zip.

In my code, I do:

import akka.event.EventHandler;

class MyActor extends Actor{


and I get a straight error in line:

class myActor extends Actor{

Error is:

The type Actor cannot be the superclass of MyActor; a superclass must be a class

But isn't Actor supposed to be a class? At least that is what all the tutorials say.

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Try with From the reference documentation:

Actor in Java are implemented by extending the UntypedActor class and implementing the onReceive method. This method takes the message as a parameter.

Here's an example:

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