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I have downloaded the MPDs "" and all related .m4s files. I tried running it on VLC player.But the format is not recognized by VLC player.

Can anybody tell me solution how to run .m4s format file on player?

I am using Ubuntu 11.10, I have downloaded this media segment using wget(1 to 14 segments are available)


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you can play it using GPAC player, installing it with all the third party codecs also -

some ppl claim that they are able use vlc, i have not tested it.

share|improve this answer is not playing .m4s format, I seen both .mp4 file and .m4s in HexEditor. .mp4 file starts with "ftypmp42" but .m4s file starts with "stypmsdh".. – mojkaro1988 Dec 5 '12 at 9:59

You need the initialization segment. It is often named "00" or "init" or doesn't have a sequence number like the other files, and often ends in ".mp4" rather than ".m4s". Then you just concatenate the files together. You can start anywhere in the sequence so long as you begin with the initialization segment.

For example

cp init.mp4 output.mp4
cat *.m4s >> output.mp4

Then you have a playable mp4 file with content, assuming there is no encryption (DRM) applied to it.

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.m4s file format is ISO Base Media File. i.e. MPEG-4 Part 14. read specs for more info you may get m4s player for windows. As far as I know on Linux platform GPAC will help. You can create your own MPD from any media source using MP4Box a GPAC tool.

You can use MP4Client for playing your DASHed Media from MPD. Actually .m4s's separate segment is not able to play by its own bcoz player should know Codec and mime type to play any media and m4s is not supported by any player, i.e. it has its own header and data (moof & mdat).

For playing MPD which contains many m4s segment (you can make your own MPD or download each audio and video segment separately from any MPD & put it in to a same folder):

  1. install GPAC.
  2. $MP4Client MYWorld.mpd will open Osmo4 player and you can see your video is playing. Enjoy..

FYI, local streaming server can also play this video:

$MP4Client http://localhost/MYWorld.mpd

if not working change segmentAlignment flag, i.e. <AdaptationSet segmentAlignment="true" subsegmentAlignment="true">.

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Try this in the OSX terminal:

open -a Osmo4 example.mpd

It works for me.

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