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I'm logged with an user and then if I login with the same user on another browser/device I want to disconnect the first user and allow access to this new user.

How to get this?

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You need to store session on your database to be able to remove it if one alreay exists. – j0k Dec 3 '12 at 11:27
How to achieve this? I found those links about event listener and PdoSessionHandler… I've to store the id of the user and check on event listener if the same user has logged?. Any code example? – Biruwon Dec 3 '12 at 11:56

I don't have rep to post comments, but I posted an answer to a similar question not too long ago:

Prevent duplicate login with FOSUserBundle

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I'm solved half.

I created this functionality following this link:

It works but when option remember_me in security.yml and accessing checking this option doesn't works.


    key:      "%secret%"
    lifetime: 3600
    path:     ^/
    domain:   ~

The user is still logged. What's the problem? Cookies?

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