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I'm trying to add a button to an existing form (BankAccountTable). I want to add a button to run an outside process with the value of one of the form fields as a parameter.

The value is being read using this code:

str value ="FieldName").valueStr();

However when I click the button Dynamics displays what fields must be filled in. This doesn't happen if the click method doesn't reference the form fields (i.e. info("click");).

How can I:

  • Read the value of a field without triggering form validation?


  • Have a button (or command buttton) that doesn't trigger form validation?
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The second question, how to avoid validation, is easy: set the button attribute SaveRecord to No.

You should rarely need to access the control value directly. A better option is usually to access the bound field directly: table.FieldName.

If the control is not bound to a field, then change the AutoDeclation attribute to Yes and access the control directly: fieldName.text(). The methods text, realValue or selection is a better choice than valueStr.

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