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I have a large set of existing xml files, and I am trying to add one element to all of them (they are pom.xml for a number of maven projects, and I am trying to add a parent element to all of them). The following is my exact code.

The problem is that the final xml output in pom2.xml has the complete parent element in a single line. Though, when I print the element by itself, it writes it out in 4 lines as usual. How do I print out the complete xml with proper formatting for the parent element?

from lxml import etree

parentPom = etree.Element('parent')
groupId = etree.Element('groupId')
groupId.text = 'org.myorg'

artifactId = etree.Element('artifactId')
artifactId.text = 'myorg-master-pom'

version = etree.Element('version')
version.text = '1.0.0'

print etree.tostring(parentPom, pretty_print=True)

pom = etree.parse("pom.xml")
projectElement = pom.getroot()
projectElement.insert(0, parentPom)

file = open("pom2.xml", 'wb')
file.write(etree.tostring(projectElement, pretty_print=True))

Output of print:


Output of same element in pom2.xml:

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This might be of intrest to you.

In short for future reference:

parser = etree.XMLParser(remove_blank_text=True)
pom = etree.parse("pom.xml",parser)
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