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I am using sonar for the last few months and want to know that do sonar works in an incremental way or not i.e if i do soanr analysis for the first time on my project code it will definitely analyze all the code but if i do some enhancement on my core source code and update some files then after updation do sonar analysis again on the same code then will sonar analyze all the files OR only analyze files which i have updated? I am using "Sonar way with Findbugs" as my default quality profile.

Is there any way to use sonar in an incremental way, to analyze only updated files? Is this possible in sonar or not?

Kindly revert your help will be appreciated..

Thanks in advance..

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Sonar does not currently handle incremental analyses.

If you want, you can watch and vote for the following ticket:

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If your task if code quality metrics in a general way, then you can use these tools directly on Jenkins. See FindBugs Plugin , PMD plugin or Checkstyle Plugin. They independently give what you need in the form of "incremental code" reports. But if you have to use SONAR only, then Fabrice's answer is the correct one.

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Here the post where the ticket that @fabrice-sonar-team comments was born:

does Sonar support Incremental code quality analysis

You can read Freddy Mallet's explanation about why this functionality is not trivial to be implemented. It requires lot of effort, so as Fabrice said, vote for the ticket! :)

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