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I'm trying to include a table inside my jQuery UI accordion.

For some reason, the section ('Download Assignments') which contains the table does not slide down/up smoothly.

Other sections of the accordion seem to work just fine.

Best way to understand the problem is to have a look - please see http://testing.xenongroupadmin.com/docman/admin/Assignments/assignments.html

Whilst on the subject, there appears to be a slight CSS glitch on the accordion as well. If you look at the bottom of the 'Download Assignments' tab, there's a small break in the border just above the next tab. This seems to have something to do with the table. If anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them!

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Tables don't really "do" explicit heights, once you can see 'em, you see everything. Their visibility is all or nothing.

Now a div that contains a table is a different story. Simply wrap your table in a div, let that div be the sibling to the triggering link, and you should have an easy time of it.

  <a href="#download">Download Assignments</a>
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