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i have the following situation:

i am a class numberOneUser and a framework loads me as a .class file from the file system at runtime.

i know that in the directory where my .class file lies there are more .class files. (eg theOtherUser.class)

some of them implement the same interface as i do. (called User)

now i want to find at runtime the secound (or more) class(es) that implement that interface and modify them with reflection (eg override methods).

the only reference i have to the framework is that i know that i am being called and given a reference to a object that i can respond do which is part of the framework. furthermore i know that the framework lies as framework.jar file in the directory above me.

no additional information is available.

how to find this other classes?

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Take a look at Reflections may its helps you.

Set<Class<? extends YourClassOrInterface>> subTypes = 
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hey @Sumit Singh do you know how this library collects all subtypes? – Narendra Pathai Dec 3 '12 at 12:55

Check out this answer which addresses how to find .class files in a directory and create a collection of Class elements. Once you have the classes you could use reflection or the instanceof operator to determine which ones implement your interface.

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