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How to set margin for multiple textbox generate at run time? when i generate textbox at run time margin is same for all textbox and difficult to give margin using loop. Any simple way to give margin to textbox. Thanks in advance!!

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textbox.Margin = new Thickness(0, 0, 0, 0); – Samy S.Rathore Dec 3 '12 at 12:56

What are you trying to do? Client app, web app, silverlight/wpf?

No matter what you do, you should keep the margin in a variable. Then if you add the checkboxes in a loop, you can increase the variable to set a new margin. (Declare the variable out of the for/foreach/each/etc loop).

var currentMarginX = 0;
var currentMarginY = 0;

for( var i=0; i<checkboxesNeededCount; i++)
    // Set the textbox location with the variable location, and increase either X or Y...
    // e.g: 
         myTextbox.location = new Point(currentMargin, currentMarginY);
         currentMarginX += 50;
         currentMarginY += 50;

The example above will put a textbox with a margin of x=50 and y=50, then add another one with x=100, y=100, and so on... You'll need to be sure (if it's needed, depending on how you're doing it) to set a new instance of the control in the for statement.

Hope it helps.

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can you not give the textboxes a class and do it using CSS?

That would be the simplest way.

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Make a css class that can have the margin attribute and set textbox's cssclass property while it is created.

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You can simply write in-line css like style="margin: 5px;"

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