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According to current best practices a RESTful URL for a given thread on a message board should look something like this:


It is also a common SEO practice that URLs should contain keywords (slug), so perhaps the above URL could become:


Now, to edit this thread, again, according to the guidelines I've linked to in the first paragraph, the URL would be:


What should happen when someone starts a thread with the title of "edit"? How should it be decided if the thread is to be shown or edited?

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Instead of http://domain/forum/threads/3/title-of-this-particular-thread

You should be doing http://domain/forum/threads/3-title-of-this-particular-thread

This will prevent conflicts and is just as SEO friendly. There are a few ways to accomplish this, but the easiest is to add a to_param method in your model that does the conversion automatically:

class Thread < ActiveRecord::Base

If you need more flexibility than this, or don't want to repeat it in all your models, you can use the friendly_id Gem.

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