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In action I have a variable which has getter on it.

private String myActionVariable = "predefined....";
public String getMyActionVariable () {
    return myActionVariable;

In jsp, I try to use my variable in this way:

<input type="button" class="styledButton" 
       onclick="javascript: doAjax('myActionName',false);" 

But it is not shown. However, if I output this variable from the javascript code included within the same jsp file:

alert (${myActionVariable})

I will get the value of it....

Any idea please ? ...

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You can use a Standard <input/> HTML Tag with an <s:property /> Struts2 Tag for the value, like this:

<input type="button" class="styledButton" 
       value="<s:property value="%{myActionVariable}"/>"/>

or a Struts2 Tag directly like this:

<s:submit type="button" cssClass="styledButton" 
          onclick="javascript: doAjax('myActionName',false);" 
          value="%{myActionVariable}" />

Note that with Struts2 Tag, class attribute becomes cssClass (and style becomes cssStyle), and that %{} is the right OGNL syntax, instead of ${} (that is JSTL syntax)

EDIT: when using Struts2, forget about JSTL, you won't need them anymore.

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You should be using struts2 tag.

<input type="button" class="styledButton" onclick="javascript: doAjax('myActionName',false);" value="${myActionVariable}">

Instead of this, use

<s:submit type="button" cssClass="styledButton" onClick="javascript: doAjax('myActionName',false);" value= "myActionVariable" />
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You can't use an Struts2 tag from inside another Struts2 tag (<s:property /> in this case)... –  Andrea Ligios Dec 3 '12 at 15:27

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