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I'd like to put the data from a MySQL table in place (HTML Table). Everything is dynamic. Product names will not always be the same (columns). The number of records will not always be the same (rows).

MySQL Table (populate ROWS data)

 iduser       idprod      quantity         date
  1234          65          60      2012-11-30 09:13:41.628
  1234          66          50      2012-11-30 09:13:41.628
  1234          64          80      2012-11-30 09:13:41.628

MySQL Table (populate COLUMNS data)

idprod  name                     date
66      Panettone de Truffas     2012-11-29 15:19:41
65      Panettone de Maracujá    2012-11-29 15:16:56
64      Panettone de Brigadeiro  2012-11-29 15:16:44


    $panettones = array();
    $querySel = "SELECT * FROM registro_panettone";
    $resultSel = mysql_query($querySel);
    $rows = mysql_num_rows($resultSel);
    $panettones = array();
    for($i=0;$i<$rows;$i++) {
        /*$panettones["id_user"] = mysql_result($resultSel,$i,0);
        $panettones["id_pan"] = mysql_result($resultSel,$i,1);
        $panettones["qtd"] = mysql_result($resultSel,$i,2);
        $panettones["data"] = mysql_result($resultSel,$i,3);*/
        $retorno = mysql_fetch_array($resultSel);
        $texto = "<tr>";
        $texto .= "<td>".$retorno[0]."</td>";
        $texto .= "<td>".$retorno[1]."</td>";
        $texto .= "<td>".$retorno[2]."</td></tr>";
        echo $texto;

Currently look like:


My wish is that it looks like:


Any suggestions?

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Add the missing (empty) columns to your array generation, so your data columns match your header count. –  dognose Dec 3 '12 at 13:35
I would strongly encourage you to move to PDO. It will make your life easier long term, also take into account that mysql_ commands are depricated. php.net/manual/en/mysqlinfo.api.choosing.php –  Jonathan Thurft Dec 3 '12 at 13:39
@dognose Maybe not works, the problem is about reference. Put the things in place. Put the data about code 65 in the 'td' with id = 65. –  Igor Devezas Dec 3 '12 at 13:53

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if you're using html table (like you do in examples) you should always first check if the mysql field is empty. if it is replace it with & nbsp ; value. empty table cells (in some browsers) tend to show results like in your first example.

hope this was helpfull...

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wherever you have empty values instead of not doing anything there. And <tr> after each outer for loop

<table border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" width="100%">
        <td id='66'><b>Panettone de Truffas</b></td>
        <td id='65'><b>Panettone de Maracujá</b></td>
        <td id='64'><b>Panettone de Brigadeiro</b></td>
        <td>2012-11-30 09:13:41.628</td>
        <td>2012-11-30 09:13:41.628</td>
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