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I'm developing a web application that has a REST api. At the moment the Api are protected in the server side trough spring security with a form-login authentication. Recently I also added spring social to allow access with facebook and twitter and all this works. So a user has to be registered to access some endpoint.

Now I have to build a mobile application that has to access the REST api and I was wondering what strategy I should use.

I saw that facebook has a android/ios sdk to allow the authentication on mobile side. So once theuser is authenticaded on the mobile I should do the request to my server so how should I authenticate the user on the server side to access the resources?

If you think that is not a good solution can you give me an advice how I should solve this problem?

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Two options:

  1. Your mobile app can login to your API the same way your other client code does, via form-login or spring social. Simply send the same session ID cookie with your API calls after login.
  2. You can allow your app to accept a username and password as HTTP headers via HTTP-Basic, to save yourself the initial login step. This might be more useful if you don't need to make a lot of API calls per session.
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