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I have some saved reports for a page say Employees page. For example I have saved reports(created by applying some filters, press Save and give name) like Report_employees_for_dept_10,Report_employees_for_dept_20, Report_employees_for_dept_30 I want to have 3 buttons in another page for each of above report. When I press button related to "Report_employees_for_dept_10". It should open the saved report named Report_employees_for_dept_10. I can go to the Employees page. It is showing the last viewed saved report not the one we want.

Can you please explain me how to get the control of IR reports and open the right report.

Thanks, S.Ravichandran

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What kind of saved reports: are these private? –  Tom Dec 4 '12 at 8:17
yes these are private reports. –  Ravi Dec 4 '12 at 8:18

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See this question: Link to a saved interactive report
Summary: no, it is not possible to link private reports. Unlike public reports, there are no aliases and thus no way to select a private one through a url. You would need to make your reports public.

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