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I am struggeling with a custom find in cakephp 2.1.

In my model I have this function:

public function findByGenres($data = array()) {
        $this->Item2genre->Behaviors->attach('Containable', array('autoFields' => false));
        $query = $this->Item2genre->getQuery('all', array(
            'conditions' => array(''  => $data['genre']),
            'fields' => array('item_id'),
            'contain' => array('Genre')
        return $query;

This returns the following query:

SELECT `Item`.`id` FROM `items` AS `Item` 
     WHERE `Item`.`id` 
       IN(SELECT `Item2genre`.`item_id` FROM `item2genre` AS Item2genre 
          LEFT JOIN `genres` AS Genre ON(`genre_id` = `Genre`.`id`) 
              WHERE `Genre`.`name` 
                IN ('Comedy', 'Thriller')

The result of the query returns Items with either 'Comedy' or 'Thriller' genre associated to them.

How can I modify the query to only return Items with 'Comedy' AND 'Thriller' genre associated to them?

Any suggestions?


content of data is:

'genre' => array(
                (int) 0 => 'Comedy',
                (int) 1 => 'Thriller'
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what is the content of $data['genre']? – noslone Dec 3 '12 at 14:10
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You would want your 'conditions' key to be this:

'conditions' => array(
    array('' => 'Comedy'),
    array('' => 'Thriller')

So specifically to your problem your $data['genre'] is array('Comedy', 'Thriller'). So you could create a variable that has contents similar to what you need by doing:

$conditions = array();
foreach ($data['genre'] as $genre) {
    $conditions[] = array('' => $genre);
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thank you very much! – 3und80 Dec 3 '12 at 15:15

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