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Possible Duplicate:
How to display multiple columns in a UITableView?

I have an UITableView with 30 rows. I would like each row to have a date, a title and a name. Right now it's like this:

Oct 29 name title

But the names and titles change so I have something like that :

Oct 29 name title
Oct 30 biggername biggertitle
Oct 30 xx title

I would like to make 3 equals columns like this:

Oct 29 | name | title
Oct 31 | b... | bi...
Oct 30 | xx   | title

How can I do that in my UITableView?

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Best and easy way to get this thing use UITableViewCustomCell. See this link - Custom tableView Cell In cell XIB take 3 UILabel for each row then use them as your columns.

If this is not suitable for you just search Custom TableView cell on google :)

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Ok thanks. But how can I 'link' the View.xib file to my CutsomCell.h file ? – frénésie Dec 3 '12 at 14:36
delete that view.xib .. take a UITableViewCell and then add UILabel on this ... dont forget to set its class name what is your custom cell class name ..... – TheTiger Dec 3 '12 at 19:54

The best way I have managed to accomplish this was with a custom UITableViewCell that had a label for each column. This way you can specify the width of the "columns" as the width of each label, then set their text in your cellForRowAtIndexPath

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For UITableViewCell you can do this task by making 3 UILabel of same width and then add all of these UILabel in cell

[cell addSubview:yourLabel];

And if you want to add this separate image between then just make a UIImageView and then add this UIImageView as subView of cell.

[cell addSubview:yourImage];
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