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After working extensively with Microsoft development tools, I migrated to ubuntu and QT for research purposes.

QT is a great framework, up to now there's nothing I needed and it's not there. However the tools-ecosystem around QT is a bit behind microsoft's ecosystem (V.Studio, Expression Suite)

More specifically, QT Creator is quite nice, but the lack of a 'standard' tool like MS-Blend (which I think is a must, complementary to V.Studio) or the various Adobe tools is pretty apparent, in the case of developing fancy interfaces, animations etc. And Animations (e.g. menu's apperaing/disapperaing from the side) are a bit painful to hardcode without a 'graphical'-tool.

Do you have any tool to propose for this reason, that I'm not aware of?

PS - Just to avoid misunderstandings, I know about qml/Qt_Quick/qdesigner/qt_Animation - I'm referring to accombining software that make's life easier and reduces time needed for hardcoding stuff

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If you need fancy animations you could use Qt Quick (documentation, Qt Quick demos in YouTube). And by the way, it is Qt, not QT. – user362638 Dec 3 '12 at 16:17
Hi Roku, thanks for your answer. I'm aware of Qt Quick, I wonder if there is a graphical tool with which you can "record" animations with a timeline (in a "WYSIWYG way") and then trigger/pause/stop them in your code, instead of hardcoding timings/coordinates/etc. Something like this 2:30 – dim_tz Dec 3 '12 at 16:43
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Direct answer:

No there is no tool available in Qt arena that matches the capabilities of Microsoft Blend.

There is this question, which discusses a similar situation; a comparison between .NET and Qt in terms of UI designing.

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Thanks for your answer! – dim_tz Dec 3 '12 at 21:18

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