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I have a WCF service Library project which having reference in silverlight project. I would like to manage wcf service call as per session.So, I used PreSession as InstanceContextMode. And I have implemented service as below:

Interface class

[ServiceContract(SessionMode = SessionMode.Required)]
public interface IService1
    int GetData();

service class

[ServiceBehavior(InstanceContextMode = InstanceContextMode.PerSession)]
public class Service1 : IService1,IDisposable 
   int _counter = 0;
   public int GetData()
        return _counter;


If I am using windows form application with this service library then it's working fine.


   Service1Client proxy1 = new Service1Client();

But when I am using this WCF service with silverlight then application throwing "The remote Server returns an Error:Not Found".

Silverlight WCF Call CODE

        CustomBinding binding = new CustomBinding();
        BinaryMessageEncodingBindingElement binary = new BinaryMessageEncodingBindingElement();

        HttpTransportBindingElement http = new HttpTransportBindingElement();

        binding.CloseTimeout = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(30);

        Service1Client oService1Client  = new Service1Client(binding, new EndpointAddress("http://localhost:9002/MyWCFService/"));

Can anyone help me How can i solve this issue on service call?

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why your silverlight call code is different from the windows forms? –  Mark Dec 3 '12 at 15:30
@Mark I used different code for silverlight because I am hosting WCF service library in console application and running on server... so My WCF service endpoint can change in future. so, I am using mentioned silverlight code for service function call. And also if I change code like windows call code then also I am getting same error. –  Jignesh Thakker Dec 4 '12 at 5:50
You can use the fiddler tool and see what is the exact error. Sometimes the communication fails because of cross-domain issues, you have to need to include couple of xml files in server to overcome that. –  Mark Dec 4 '12 at 11:29

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