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I have classes:

 public String filedA;

ClassB extends ClassA{
 public String filedB;

ClassC extends ClassB{
 public String filedC;

Then I create object:

ClassC c=new ClassC();

After I try get all fields, I call

Field[] fields=c.getClass().getDeclaredFields();

But I get array with only one item


How to get all fields from all classes include extends?

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Try the following:

Fields[] fields = c.getClass().getFields();

If you want all superclass fields, see the following:

Retrieving the inherited attribute names/values using Java Reflection

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Thanks, it's because using getDeclaredFields - return only current class fields, getFields return all include static, final and etc. – Dmitry Nelepov Dec 3 '12 at 17:19
you mean Field[] fields and not Fields[] I think. – czupe Sep 15 at 11:16

Your C class does not extend any class. Then, getDeclaredFields() only returns String filedC as you have seen. You cannot do c.fieldA="TestA" and c.fieldB="TestB" because your class does not declare this fields. Anyway, in case of C extends B and B extends A, method getFields() returns only public fields (including inherited):

Returns an array containing Field objects reflecting all the accessible public fields of the class or interface represented by this Class object.

And getDeclaredFields() returns all fields declared in the class (not including inherited):

Returns an array of Field objects reflecting all the fields declared by the class or interface represented by this Class object. This includes public, protected, default (package) access, and private fields, but excludes inherited fields.

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This would work with reflection if ClassC derived from ClassB (and presumably from ClassA etc..). I assume this is a typo ? Then this:

Field[] fields = c.getClass().getFields();

would work as expected.

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getDeclaredFields() which you are using, are not contain inherited flields from superclass.

if you want all clields just use getFields() method

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getFields() only returns accessible fields! That means it only works in this particular question as he has his fields püublic. – Angel O'Sphere Apr 14 '14 at 17:11

You should be able to get them with

Field[] fields = c.getClass().getFields();

This returns all accessible fields.

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