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I am using eclipse for writing JUnit test case for my project. My project contains a bound service based on AIDL. After executing the project i get an autogenerated java file for the AIDL, in the gen folder.

This file contains a Stub class which has methods like

    public android.os.IBinder asBinder()
    public boolean onTransact(int code, android.os.Parcel data, android.os.Parcel reply, int flags) throws android.os.RemoteException

and a Proxy class which has methods

public android.os.IBinder asBinder()
public java.lang.String getInterfaceDescriptor()

and also some methods created by me . I want to test the above methods using JUint Test . Is it possible to test these methods using ServiceTestCase or can i test this using some other method.

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I managed to test the methods of my Stub Class using the following code in my testProject

IBinder service = this.bindService(new Intent(MyService.class.getName()));
        MyFile iTestServiceCall = MyFile.Stub.asInterface(service);
        b=service.transact(0, data, null, 0);
        assertTrue("Value is still false", b);
        assertNotNull("Value is null",iTestServiceCall.asBinder());

Here MyService is the service i created and MyFile is the Aidl.

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