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I run pig script do some aggerative operation, and output size is very small.

Now I run

hadoop fs -getmerge ...


Any way to let pig script dump the result into local file directly?

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If you're not worried about merging everything to a single file then you can use the copyToLocal command in grunt (http://wiki.apache.org/pig/Grunt):

grunt> copyToLocal <src> <dest>
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Another possible way is to embed Pig into Python or JavaScript. You may do something like this (in Python):

import os
from org.apache.pig.scripting import Pig

P = Pig.compile("PUT YOUR PIG CODE HERE")
hdfs_input = "YOUR HDFS INPUT"
hdfs_output = "YOUR HDFS OUTPUT"
local_output = "YOUR LOCAL OUTPUT"
result = P.bind({'in': input, 'out': hdfs_output}).runSingle()
os.system("hadoop fs -getmerge " + hdfs_output + " " + local_output)

and run the Python code by (for example)

pig -useHCatalog python_code.py
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