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I have a datasource and a dataset in Delphi 2009. I would like, if my a column (AT) value = 1, then datasource autoedit properties will be true, other value false. I tried use onStateChange, but its not good event for me. This column have 2 value 1 or 0, and I saw, this if is true, but i dont know, which event can help me. :) Example:

procedure TdmodUnion.dsoQuotationsStateChange(Sender: TObject); 
if dsetQ.FieldByName('AT').AsInteger=1 then 

What can i choose? Thanks!

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You could use OnDataChange, Field is within Parameters. If you are using ADO, then AfterScrollEvent of then dataset is usefull, too.

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procedure TdmodUnion.dsoQuotationsStateChange(Sender: TObject); begin if dsetQuotations.FieldByName('QType').AsInteger=0 then dsoQuotations.DataSet.Cancel; end; Thanks answer,but i could search a solution with onStateChange. –  GodGirl Dec 3 '12 at 15:09
I dislike your AfterScroll event advise, since the DataSource may (and should) be unknown to the module where the DataSet resides. –  jachguate Dec 3 '12 at 16:50

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