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My Symfony model has a field which is boolean but also accepts NULL so effectively is a tri-state value.

How can I write a widget for this? Symfony auto-generates a sfWidgetFormCheckbox but that can not be set to NULL.

I tried a sfWidgetFormChoice with but I had to specify the values as strings to get them work:

$this->setWidget('wt', new sfWidgetFormChoice(array(
    'choices' => array(true => 'true', false => 'false', null => 'null')

It works for storing values but whenever I save a "false" value, the select jumps back to 'null'. I tried several combinations of 'false', '0', '' etc. but got nothing to work in all three cases.

Any ideas?

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Have you tried 'null' => 'null' and creating a custom validator that looks for the string null and returns the proper value? – jaudette Dec 3 '12 at 15:07

An example right from the docs:

class sfWidgetFormTrilean extends sfWidgetForm
  public function configure($options = array(), $attributes = array())

    $this->addOption('choices', array(
      0 => 'No',
      1 => 'Yes',
      'null' => 'Null'

  public function render($name, $value = null, $attributes = array(), $errors = array())
    $value = $value === null ? 'null' : $value;

    $options = array();
    foreach ($this->getOption('choices') as $key => $option)
      $attributes = array('value' => self::escapeOnce($key));
      if ($key == $value)
        $attributes['selected'] = 'selected';

      $options[] = $this->renderContentTag(

    return $this->renderContentTag(
      "\n".implode("\n", $options)."\n",
      array_merge(array('name' => $name), $attributes
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