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I am trying to make a simple CYPHER query using the Neo4J REST API. Here is the query:

START n=node(*)
RETURN n as Node1, sum(n.TestInt?)

I get the following error:

unknown identifier 'n'

I also tried the following:

START n=node(*)
RETURN n as Node1, sum(Node1.TestInt?)

but I still an same error:

unknown identifier 'Node1'

The same query without any alias doesn't return any error and works flawlessly.

Am I wrong to think that the alias should have no impact on this? Why is the identifier of the node suddenly not recognized?

I am in a situation where I need to work with alias. Is this a bug fixable only in Neo4j?

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This was a bug that was in Neo4j 1.8 when you aliased a value you couldn't access it under the aliased name.

Can you try in your case:

START n=node(*) RETURN n as Node1, sum(n.TestInt?)

Also what you want to do is probably group by something and then sum over those values, right now you're returning exactly n.TestInt for each row, no sum.

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