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I'm developing a django app and I'm using pip to manage my requirements. How can I do to install a specific git's commit?

In my case I need to install this commit:

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You can specify commit hash, branch name, tag.

$ pip install git+git://

$ pip install git+git://

$ pip install git+git://

It is a not well-documented feature, but you can find more information at

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It will add this fun message: Could not find a tag or branch '2927346f4c513a217ac8ad076e494dd1adbf70e1', assuming commit. – vlad-ardelean May 11 '15 at 9:05

An extra comment to @hugo-tavares's answer:

If it's a private github repository, you'll need to use: pip install git+ssh://

In your case: pip install git+ssh://

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It's possible to automatically install a python package using the requirements.txt file on you project just by adding the following line:

-e git+

and run the command line:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

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