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I'm developing my first plugin in Wordpress. Then one of the functions need to send an email.

But when I call the function wp_mail () throws me this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_mail ()

How should I define this function in my plugin??


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You're probably trying to do something before loading the WordPress enviroment.

All of your actions should be attached to some hook, for instance "init" for actions on the front-end, "admin-init" on the backend, or "wp-ajax-{$your-action-here}" for ajax.

Check the codex docs: http://codex.wordpress.org/Plugin_API#Hooks.2C_Actions_and_Filters

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Just include wp-load.php and go ahead!




Depending how your script are loaded.

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The wp_mail() function is not available until after the action plugins_loaded, so if you try to use it before that point it will throw an error because the function is undefined at that point.

So rather than simply calling wp_mail(), you should be hooking that process to an action so that it occurs after the function has been loaded.

A lot of plugins use init as the action hook to connect their action to. init comes after plugins_loaded, so if you use that, it should work.

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wp_mail() is not a plugin , it is Pluggable Function ! situated in "wp-includes\pluggable.php " , and it will not work , till wp_config.php it will be loaded ! –  K3rnel31 Mar 11 at 13:36
While that is a correct statement, calling wp_config.php in your plugin is not the proper way of making sure that wp_mail is available for use. The correct way is to make sure that whatever process you are using wp_mail in happens after the plugins_loaded action, at which time wp_mail would be loaded by either another plugin OR by inclusion from pluggable.php. –  butlerblog Mar 11 at 15:30

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