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I'm trying to call the HttpServerUtuility.URLDecode function in C# using Visual Studio 2005, but it can't be found. I'm using System.Web properly, but the class doesn't seem to be there. Do I need to add some sort of reference to my project?

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A few points:

  • You need a reference to the System.Web assembly
  • You need to get the class name right (HttpServerUtility, not HttpServerUtuility)
  • You need to get the method name right (UrlDecode, not URLDecode)
  • You need an instance of the class, as it's an instance method

Getting an instance is likely to be the hardest part, unless you're in ASP.NET - it doesn't have any public constructors or a static property to fetch an instance. Usually you'd use HttpContext.Server. An alternative is to use HttpUtility.UrlDecode, which is a static method. (Again, you'll need a reference to System.Web.)

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Add a reference to the System.Web assembly.

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Then type HttpServerUtility and press "CTRL + .". Works a charm. –  RichardOD Sep 2 '09 at 16:06

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