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I am using TortoiseGit and am working with an svn repository using git-svn.

Sometimes I want to make a one line change and dcommit it to the svn repo immediately (so the CI server will pick up the change).

Currently I have to git commit, then dcommit. It's an extra step for something I want to do quickly...it would be nice if I could just commit and dcommit in one step. Alternatively, is there a command line command I could use to do the same thing?

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The svn commands from TortoiseGit are:

So regarding the GUI, may be opening a new ticket would be a good idea.

As for the command-line, I do not think there is a native git command able to do that, which leaves a custom script to achieve that sequence (similar in principal to the one in this "Showing commits not yet on master" article, at the end of it).

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thanks - I just started really working with Git last month after discovering that TortoiseGit is fairly stable; I wasn't aware that git-svn support is so new. –  Ken Liu Sep 3 '09 at 3:43

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