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In my android application.. an number is entered by user using EditText.. and my application tells whether the number is an integer or float type of number in a TextView..! The problem i am facing is, i want to display the TextView in red color for integer type number and green color for float.. what should be the code for this.

the if..else condition code i want is imagined like this:

TextView tv = (TextView) findViewById(R.id.my_text_view);
if (number= interger)
tv.setText("integer number");
// and the color of this TextView will be RED
tv.setText(Float number);
// and the color of this TextView will be GREEN

Thank you.

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Code like this:

tv.setText(Html.fromHtml("<font color='red'>integer</font> is <font color='blue'>number</font>"));
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Here is an example with predefined colors or defined colors in your resources textview.setTextColor(this.getResources().getColor(R.color.orange));

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