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I really need to see the xml of the plist in monodevelop or in xcode.

Currently the plist file doesn't appear in xcode only in monodevelop and i cant find a way to edit the xml directly.

As a general rant monodev is great but why have this gui editing of xml at all when probably one key reason why people are avoiding xcode is because of its insistence of this obfuscation.

Thanks for any pointers

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I agree. Monodevelop should have an option to "Open With/Source Code Editor" for these files. Three are many behaviors you can customize in Monodeveop. I did not find a way to do it. –  holmes Dec 3 '12 at 15:35
Note that plist files are not guaranteed to be XML; they can also be a binary format. –  mhutch Dec 3 '12 at 19:06

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It might work depending on what software you have installed.

E.g. from MonoDevelop I can right click on my Info.plist, select Open With and choose Dashcode.app.

This works (for me) because I still have my old Xcode 4.2 installed (on OSX Lion) and that ships with dashcode as a separate .app.

AFAIK MonoDevelop queries the operating system for any application that can open .plist files. So if you have an application that can read them (or XML) you should be able to create this association (using Finder) and have MonoDevelop open it.

Anyway you should fill a bug report (enhancement) on MonoDevelop so it can open those .plist files using it's own XML editor.

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