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I need to write a SPARQL query to get movies from dbpedia. I have wrote almost all the query but I have this problem:

I have all of these titles, and they have to give me the same wikipedia resource:

  • Spider-man
  • Spiderman
  • Film: Spiderman
  • Spiderman 1
  • Spiderman: the beginning

Target Wikipedia:

I would want a sparql query that let me find the same Wikipedia resource searching by title

Moreover, is there a way to get also the "relevancy" of each result?

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try this, it should return either the original page or any other page that redirects to the main page:

PREFIX rdfs: <>
PREFIX dbo: <>

    ?s rdfs:label "Spider-man"@en .

    ?altName rdfs:label "Spider-man"@en ;
             dbo:wikiPageRedirects ?s .
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Is it possible for you to show the query?

for the text search, if you use the official dbpedia endpoint you can probably use the text search facilities of virtuoso.

see here:

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