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If I have the following xml:

        XDocument xDocument = new XDocument(
            new XElement("RootElement",
                new XElement("ChildElement",
                    new XAttribute("Attribute1", "Hello"),
                    new XAttribute("Attribute2", "World")
                new XElement("ChildElement",
                    new XAttribute("Attribute1", "Foo"),
                    new XAttribute("Attribute2", "Bar")

I'm after the output "Hello, Foo" using LINQ "." notation.

I can get "Hello" using


I can get all of the Attributes using


How can I get a list of the string values of the attributes so that I can join then as a comma separated list?

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Ok, so thanks to womp I realised it was the Select method I needed in order to obtain the property Value so I could get an array of strings. Therefore, the following works.

String.Join(",", (string[]) xDocument.Element("RootElement").Elements("ChildElement").Attributes("Attribute1").Select(attribute => attribute.Value).ToArray());
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var strings = from attribute in 
              select attribute.Value;
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I needed to do it using the . notation rather than using linq query. Howeverr, +1 as you totally pointed me in the right direction. –  Robin Day Sep 2 '09 at 16:46
Ah sorry, I usually use the query syntax just out of habit. –  womp Sep 2 '09 at 17:17

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