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I am trying to execute a .php file in command prompt. I had installed PHP5. But when I execute im getting error:

Unable to find wrapper(https)

I googled and got to know that im missing php_openssl.dll file. But I have not installed xampp. Let me know if I need to install xampp to get this? or do any other set up in order to remove this error.

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You should add the fact that you are aparently using MS-Windows to the question and the flags. Most people here use Linux or some other flavour of Unix instead. –  arkascha Dec 3 '12 at 15:44

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Find this line in your php.ini file:


... and uncomment it (remove the preceding semicolon).

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You need to have an application like wampserver or xampp installed to run php files, then put your .php files in /www/youapplicationfolder/yourphpfile for wampserver or /htdocs/youapplicationfolder/yourphpfile for xampp. Then try running you file in your favorite browser and type [this is not a link]http://localhost/yourapplicationfolder/yourphpfile.php in the address bar. hth!

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no other means to get that dll, configure and run? (without xampp) ?? –  Sriyad Dec 3 '12 at 16:37

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