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This is beginning to frustrate me. After reading the documentation, it looks like the typical way to handle form input in play is like this:

val form = Form(tuple(
           "param1" -> text,
           "param2" -> text

However, there are a few problems with this. Even when I import*, I get the following errors:

  1. val cannot be resolved to a type.
  2. text cannot be resolved to a variable.
  3. Syntax error on "-", "--" expected.

There is zero documentation of this that I could find online.

Anybody know why this is going on? Could I be missing an import or something? These are my imports:

import play.*;
import play.mvc.*;
import views.html.*;
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Oh, thaaaat's my problem. Crap. So how can I do this in java? –  Phillip Schmidt Dec 3 '12 at 16:11
What are you using? Java or Scala? Because your first code piece looks like Scala, yet you tagged the question with java and have Java imports in the second code piece. –  Carsten Dec 3 '12 at 16:12
Here you go: –  Carsten Dec 3 '12 at 16:13
@Carsten nice link. How would I do it for individual form values? –  Phillip Schmidt Dec 3 '12 at 16:24

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