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I have a node service which uses AMQP to perform a remote procedure call, so it publishes a messages to a given amqp exchange and expects a response on a given amqp queue with the results of that call.

I am looking for a good unit test strategy which mocks the amqp connection can send a message based on a given input. I have looked into amqp-mock module but this seems to require a connection to a real amqp server and this was something I wanted to avoid.

Has anyone implemented anything similar or have a good strategy for this?

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You easily mock require by using the "a" module:

// Example faking require('./foo') in unit test:
var fakeFoo = {};
var expectRequire = require('a').expectRequire;

// in sut:
var foo = require('./foo'); // returns fakeFoo
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You can give node-amqp-mock a try.

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Note that it's way outdated now, doesn't run on recent node versions. – Maerlyn Oct 14 '14 at 12:55

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