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Sorry for this question, I'm new to Clojure. I followed this blog how to install Leiningen plugin for Eclipse and found out that link ( for that plugin is broken.

enter image description here

Is there another way to install this plugin, or even better, a working link? Thanks in advance.

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The beta updatesite is The new CCW versions include leiningen integration, so they are no longer separate plugins.

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Tried with both answers...still nothing. It only shows me an option to install Counterclockwise plugin. – Branislav Lazic Dec 3 '12 at 22:41
As I said, the Counterclockwise plugin has incorporated the leiningen plugin for some time. – NielsK Dec 4 '12 at 10:32
Yeah, it works well now. Thanks a lot! – Branislav Lazic Dec 4 '12 at 13:28

that post is a bit old, the current update site (to put in that box in Eclipse) is:
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I found it, I didn't know it comes with Counterclockwise now. Sorry for disturbing you, and thanks! – Branislav Lazic Dec 3 '12 at 23:04

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