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My C# application uses SharpSVN to synchronize local (working copies) and remote (repositories) files. Since I want to synchronize these files while they are processes by other applications, it can be that modified files have active handles at commit time. When I try to commit these files, I receive the following error:

SvnSystemException: "Can't open file 'somefile.ext': File is used by another process"


However when I manually commit them using TortoiseSVN it works.

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Meanwhile I found this thread. It seems that SharpSvn doesn't allow that files that are about to be committed are in a writable state.

So, the correct answer to my initial question is: "It's not possible as long as the files are writable". Anyway, in my case the workaround for committing opened files (AutoCAD drawings) is to set them readonly on System level.

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