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I want to create a folder in TFS where I will put all my PowerShell Modules and Snapins.

What should I do in Visual Studio in order to have a solution to be build by having this 'Modules folder' to be copied in to the bin directory?

For example if the modules are in C:\Source\PSModules\MyModules folder.

And if I create a 2 new solutions in VS that is SolutionFoo.sln and SolutionBar.sln.

How can I reference C:\Source\PSModules\MyModules folder from SolutionFoo.sln and SolutionBar.sln and configure it to have this folder to be copied into the Build directory?

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You could always create a post-build event to copy the files – lc. Dec 3 '12 at 16:40

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You could set up a post-build event on the particular project to copy the contents of the modules folder from one solution to the other.

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