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I'm using JPA with hibernate and have some trouble with the following JPQL query :

final Query query = getEntityManager().createQuery(
            "select u from User u where u.username = :username")
query.setParameter("username", "a"); 

When using a DB2 V9.7 database the query leads to a NoResultException even though a user with username 'a' exists. This problem only occurs if the column with the username has the type char. If i change the column type to varchar, like hibernate would generate it by himself, the query works fine.

Any ideas?

Enclosed some configuration information :

  • hibernate version: 3.6.10.Final
  • jdbc driver: db2jcc 3.61.65
  • dialect: org.hibernate.dialect.DB2Dialect
  • field declaration:
     @Column(name = "USER_NAME", length = 50)
     @Size(max = 50)
     private String username;
  • user type declaration @TypeDef(name = "trimmedString", defaultForType = String.class, typeClass = TrimmedStringUserType.class)
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Hibernate maps String to VARCHAR type. This is explained here

To make sure it maps to char you need to specify in your custom db2 dialect as mentioned here.

JPA/Hibernate DDL generation; CHAR vs. VARCHAR

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