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I'm messing around in Batch and I'm wondering...

Can someone help me write to a file (Doc1.txt or Doc1.doc) then read it, set it to a variable. Changed and saved if needed? And have more then one password in a single file?

I've heard it's possible to read to a file, but I can't seem to get it work. I put the following.

FOR /F %i IN (Test1.txt) DO Echo %i

I get the error:

IN is not excepted at this time.

Any help will be loved. Thank you!

For example. Say I was making a log in thingy. Someone can create a new account, make a password, change it, etc etc.

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You need to double the percents (% becomes %%) if used within a batch file. –  dbenham Dec 3 '12 at 18:31

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this is relatively simple. use the echo command, set /p, and the less than and greater than signes.

to save something to a file, do

echo %variablename%> Filename.extension

to read something from a file into a variable, do

set /p variablename= < filename.extension
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