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I want to deny all URL beginning by iso, in squid 3.2.3 So, I've put in squid.conf:

  acl torrent_sites dstdom_regex -i iso
  acl music_sites dstdom_regex -i music

and my http control like:

  http_access allow localhost
  http_access allow localnetp1
  http_access deny torrent_sites localnetp1
  http_access deny music_sites
  http_access deny ftp_request
  http_access deny localnetp1 norm_conn
  http_access deny all

but i can enter to the page isohunt.com, why?

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I'm using a slightly different method. I'm using the standard squid.conf file but changed the "#acl localnet src" to my network IE: "" Then search the conf file for the section that reads,

#deny_info TCP_RESET ads".  

just above the TCP_RESET line, add the following.

acl torrent dstdom_regex "/path/torrent_sites.txt"
http_access deny torrent
acl music dstdom_regex "/path/music_sites.txt"
http_access deny music

no create 2 text files (/path/torrent_sites.txt and /path/music_sites.txt) that contain your URLs in the following format.



sudo /etc/init.d/squid3 restart

or however else you want to restart it and everything should be good to go!

blacklists can be found here squid ACL examples + blacklist to download

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