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I have a site that has been built and a store has been recently added on top of it (built on the opencart platform). On the browsers I serve the cart through a lightbox and iFrame (colorbox) and it works well for that.

Site: then click on "Shop" to see in the browser

But colorbox with iFrame doesn't function on iOS properly (see iFrame thread about mobile (iOS6 seems to have made this worse: how to properly display an iFrame in mobile safari ) so I can't serve the same content to mobile users.

I'm thinking about serving a direct link for mobile users as a temporary fix, doesn't look the best but I need this to function.

Mobile/tablet users would link directly into the store (for example):

The problem I'm having is that the page won't scroll in mobile. I've checked for absolute positioning related to the overall container and I don't find anything. I'm concerned there's something in the opencart js that plays funny with mobile, could that cause the problem?

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