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I want to redirect to the controller first not the view.html.php, but by using just create-project it redirects imedialety to the view.html.php file. I want it to to my project controller instead!

URL I want to use in the menu: create-project

URL Im using to make it work : index.php?option=com_tip&task=project.display

//component controller tip.php

defined('_JEXEC') or die;

// Include dependancies

// Execute the task.
$controller = JController::getInstance('tip');

$task = JRequest::getCmd('task');

// Project Controller

class TipControllerProject extends TipController

function display()
    echo 'test'; die;
    $view = & $this->getView( 'Project', 'html' );
    // decide what layout to use

    $view->setModel( $this->getModel( 'project' ), true );
    $view->setModel( $this->getModel( 'module' ));
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