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How can I check mysqli query if it returns boolean(false) or the result? If I try getting the num_rows I get php error because I'm trying to access a non object as object. But I need to check this because if its false I have to set a variable and if its not than get the result of the query.

my query looks like this:

$q = "SELECT `id` FROM `table` ORDER BY `id` DESC LIMIT 0, 1";
$res = mysqli->query($q);
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You need to use === operator which also checks arguments type:

$q = "select ,....";
$res = mysqli->query( $q );

if( $res !== false ) { 
   // query ok
} else {
   // query failed
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Thanks that woreked I tried the if only with != –  Laci K Dec 3 '12 at 19:36

To know if a variable is set to false, you can use

if($res === false){//strictly false, no 0 or ''
   //do something

In this case you can just say you want to display the error in order to correct it :

$res = mysqli->query($q) or exit mysqli_error();
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