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I am new to twisted and python, I am reading twisted python.

registering call

reactor.callLater(_interval, self.count, *args)

I have created Countdown class and it contains count function, I am calling it three time

reactor.callWhenRunning(Countdown().count, 1)
reactor.callWhenRunning(Countdown().count, 2)
reactor.callWhenRunning(Countdown().count, 3)

with different time interval, and I need to stop reactor when all call is finished. So is in twisted API have some method to know all call is completed.

My Code is

class Countdown(object):

    counter = 5

    def count(self, *args):
    _interval = args[0]
        name = args[1]
        if self.counter == 0 and name == "Third Call":
        elif self.counter == 0:
        print name, " Finished..!"
            print self.counter, '...'
            self.counter -= 1
            reactor.callLater(_interval, self.count, *args)

from twisted.internet import reactor

reactor.callWhenRunning(Countdown().count, 1, "First Call")
reactor.callWhenRunning(Countdown().count, 2, "Second Call")
reactor.callWhenRunning(Countdown().count, 3, "Third Call")

print 'Start!'
print 'Stop!'

Now I am using if self.counter == 0 and name == "Third Call": to prevent my all counter process is finished. So now I need to know, is there in twisted have any built in method to know all call is finished or my all counter call is finished.

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This is a bit confusing. Are you using callLater or callWhenRunning? Both? You want to know when all four calls have happened? Or when one in particular has happened? –  Jean-Paul Calderone Dec 4 '12 at 16:33
sorry for my bad english. I have updated code on question description please let you review it and suggest me best way to do it. –  Ayaz Dec 4 '12 at 19:29

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Twisted has an API for working with a list of events: DeferredList

Here is a small example how this might work:

from twisted.internet import defer 
from twisted.internet import reactor

def delayedFunction(dF):
    print('I was called')

class Counter(object):
    def timeOffsetExecute(self,delay):
        dF = defer.Deferred()
        return dF

def onAllResult(val):
    print 'All delayed functions called'

cp = Counter()

dl = defer.DeferredList([cp.timeOffsetExecute(1), cp.timeOffsetExecute(3), cp.timeOffsetExecute(9)], consumeErrors=True)
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mind you - I have no python or twisted on the machine I am posting from, so this might be broken. But the idea is as above. –  jbreicis Dec 5 '12 at 14:37

I was working on the same exercise from Twisted Introduction and found that solution is pretty straightforward (assuming it should be solved without using deferreds) with use of shared static variable to count running instances:

from twisted.internet import reactor

class Countdown(object):

    running = 0

    def __init__(self, value, delay=1):
        self.delay = delay
        self.counter = value
        Countdown.running += 1

    def __call__(self):
        if self.counter == 0:
            Countdown.running -= 1
            if Countdown.running == 0:
            print self.counter, '...'
            self.counter -= 1
            reactor.callLater(self.delay, self)

reactor.callWhenRunning(Countdown(10, 0.5))
reactor.callWhenRunning(Countdown(5, 2))
reactor.callWhenRunning(Countdown(7, 1.5))

print 'Start!'
print 'Stop!' 
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