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I have the below query that returns everything in one line of the xml, is there a way to have the outpup in readable format? Like the sample below.

            XMLATTRIBUTES('' AS "xmlns:georss"),
                                                   XMLFOREST(title AS "title",
                                                              description AS "description",
                                                              point AS "georss:point"))))).EXTRACT('/*')
    FROM (SELECT trim(s.sitedesc) AS title, 
          'Employee Count: ' || s.sitefte || '<br /> Bldg Gross SF: ' || s.bldgarea || '<br />' || CASE WHEN s.leasestat = '0' THEN 'Owned' WHEN s.leasestat = '1' THEN 'Leased, end date: ' || trim(l.edate) END || '<br /><a href="../scripts/fmiinfo.asp?file_code=_BLDGLIST&sitecode='||trim(s.sitecode)||'&forceDB=">'||'More Details'||'</a> <br />' AS description,
          trim(s.latitude) || ' ' || trim(s.longitude) AS point
          FROM ls s
            LEFT OUTER JOIN c0 l ON l.sitecode = s.sitecode
          WHERE s.sold <> 1
            AND s.longitude != ' '


<rss xmlns:georss=""><channel><item><title>TITLE</title><description>DESCRIPTION<description><georss:point>LAT LON</georss:point></item> ... </channel></rss>

But to make it easier to read would like the output closer to this:

<rss xmlns:georss="">
        <georss:point>LAT LON</georss:point>
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You can add the returns with a little shell script, like this:

# Usage: ./ foobar.xml. 


cat $file | perl -pe 's|(<\/.*?>)|\1\n|g' | perl -pe 's|><|>\n<|g' > /tmp/newlines.xml; mv /tmp/newlines.xml $file
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