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From there docs i see that pass will automatically determine the route the control will be passed to.

How can i pass control to a named route?

This does not work for me:

get '/:title.:ext' do
  pass "/old/#{params[:title]}" if params[:ext] == 'php'
  # more logic
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You can either use redirect, if you actually want the URL in the user's browser to change, or use call! directly if you want the forwarding to be hidden from the end user (i.e. the URL in their browser stays the same, but internally the request is forwarded to a different route in your application).

So in your case, it would either be

redirect "/old/#{params[:title]}" if params[:ext] == 'php'


call! env.merge('PATH_INFO' => "/old/#{params[:title]}") if params[:ext] == 'php'
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It looks a bit hairy but works, thank you. –  Lukas Mayer Dec 4 '12 at 2:20
Make a helper method for it, if you want. –  theunraveler Dec 4 '12 at 11:41

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