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Take a look at the following code:

        this.forms = {
            signIn: {
                email: $('#tb-input-sign-in-email'),
                password: $('#tb-input-sign-in-password')
            signUp: {
                fullName: $('#tb-input-sign-up-full-name'),
                email: $('#tb-input-sign-up-email'),
                password: $('#tb-input-sign-up-password')

This is my old code that initializes my textbox jQuery plugin:

$('#tb-sign-in-email, #tb-sign-in-password').textbox();

The new code (using the this.forms array) would be:


Basically I want to initialize the textbox plugin with one line of code just as the "old code" initializes the jQuery plugin (with a single selector).

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so why is the "old code" not working anymore? –  Horen Dec 3 '12 at 19:59
Really can't get what you are trying to achieve. For me both variants do the job. –  HerrSerker Dec 3 '12 at 19:59
Or is it just that your ids have changed from #tb-sign-in-email to #tb-input-sign-in-email and this is why the "old code" selector isn't working anymore? –  Horen Dec 3 '12 at 20:03
It is working both ways, that is not the question, I updated my question (last line). Sorry if the question was not clear enough the first time. –  onlineracoon Dec 3 '12 at 20:16

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You can try using the .add() method

var textbox = this.forms.signIn ;

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Your current code only get the elements on DOM using a jQuery selector, the same happens on the old code.

The difference is that the new code changes the selectors.
From #tb-sign-in-email to #tb-input-sign-in-email.
From #tb-sign-in-password to #tb-input-sign-in-password.

$('#tb-input-sign-in-email, #tb-input-sign-in-password').textbox();

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Eagle-eye +1 upvote –  HerrSerker Dec 3 '12 at 20:09

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