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In some cases the key which is returned by array_search() is 0 or 1. When I use this return value in an if-statement, php interprets it as boolean.. but I want it to be interpreted as a string. How can i do this?



$returnvalue=array_search('abc',$array); // will be 0

statement // right now, this will not be executed

thanks a lot for your help!

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replace $returnvalue!=false with $returnvalue !== false –  Baba Dec 3 '12 at 20:01

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Use type safe comparisons:

if ($returnvalue !== false)

The same is also supported for ==, with ===:

if ($returnvalue === false)
    // not found
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== compare for value

=== compare for value and data type


$array = array('abc','a','b');
$returnvalue = array_search('abc', $array); // will be 0

if($returnvalue == false){
    // Executed

if($returnvalue === false){
    // Not executed
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