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Hey i have the following application structure: + project + app + script + vendors + backbone + underscore - require.js - require.config.js package.json

i have installed all dependencies using jam.js the package.json is look like:

   "name": "Project",
   "jam": {
             "packageDir": "app/scripts/vendor",
         "baseUrl": "app",
         "dependencies": {
                 "backbone": null

so the baseUrl is set to the app folder, and if i run my application from localhost/project/app its working just fine!

But eventually in the back-end my app index.html is included in a php web page so all modules urls are broken, for example: GET http://builder1.localhost/user/scripts/vendor/require.js 404 (Not Found) instead of loading: localhost/project/app/scripts/vendor/require.js

how can i configure the 'baseUrl' so it will know that im been load via: http://builder1.localhost/user/

Please help ;-)

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Your entry script (the first script loaded by require.js) should have something similar to the following

   baseUrl: "/another/path",
    paths: {
        "some": "some/v1.0"
    waitSeconds: 15
require( ["some/module", "my/module", "a.js", "b.js"],
    function(someModule,    myModule) {
        //This function will be called when all the dependencies
        //listed above are loaded. Note that this function could
        //be called before the page is loaded.
        //This callback is optional.

That is taken straight from there documentation. Double check your code. Base URL is better if its an absolute path and not relative.

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